Cleaning Process

1 - Inspection
Rug is inspected for damages, dyes, material, age and condition. Damages found will be reported to the customer with recommendations.

2 - Dusting
Most important part of the cleaning process. A regular vacuum may take out the surface dirt but can never reach the dirt built up inside the rug. Embedded dirt will slowly damage your rug

3 - Washing
Rug is submerged in a fixture of water and shampoo, Then gently hand washed the traditional way with industry approved brushes and tools. The rug is cleaned from fringe to fringe.

4 - Rinse
The Rug will now be rinsed with fresh water to push out soap and impurities.

5 - Drying
After the rinsing and water extraction, rug is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled room.

6 - Grooming
The final step is grooming the pile and trimming the fringes.

Professional Rug Repairs

We also repair all types of oriental rugs. All rugs are repaired in house by our expert artisan with more than 40 year of rug repair experience. All rug brought in will be inspected by us and we will only start working on it after customer approval.

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