Getting a your rugs cleaned with professionals who handle rugs every day is the frist step. We here at The Rug Mall clean all types of rugs and clean it the traditional way with no harmful chemicals which is good for all your family and pets.

  • Dusting

    Step 1: Dusting

    Foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the fiber and break the fiber due to friction when people walk on it. Washing the rug without dusting is basically doing 50% of the work.

  • Washing and Rinse

    Step 2: Washing and Rinse

    The rug is submerged in a pool of water and some special cleaning agents which enhance the fibers oriental rugs like wool and silk. Then we brush the rug front and back to take out all stains and soiled part of the rug along with the fringe. Water is changed several time and dirty water is pushed out of the rug with tools traditionally used for hundreds of years. This process is repeated till the water runs clear and clean.

  • Drying

    Step 3: Drying

    The rugs slow dried in a heated room with continuous flow of air and whenever we have to opportunity we will sun dry it slowly the traditional way.

  • Grooming

    Step 4: Grooming

    The pile of the rugs along with fringe are groomed and leveled.

  • Final Inspection and Delivery

    Step 5: Final Inspection and Delivery

    The rug is finally inspected to ensure our cleaning standards are met, if not we take all necessary steps to give you the cleanest possible rug back.

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